Meetings Webcast


In accordance with the City of Sydney Code of Meeting Practice and the City of Sydney Local Planning Panel Operational Procedures council and committee meetings of the City of Sydney Council, meetings of the Central Sydney Planning Committee and meetings of the City of Sydney Local Planning Panel are audio visually recorded and webcast live on the City’s website. A recording of each meeting is available following the meeting, and retained on the website for up to 12 months. Recordings of meetings may be disposed of in accordance with the State Records Act 1998. Any part of the meeting that is held in closed session is not recorded.

Consent to recording

Members of the public attending a meeting may have their image, voice and personal information (including name and address) recorded, publicly broadcast and archived for up to 12 months. By attending a meeting, members of the public consent to this use of their image, voice and personal information.


Recordings of proceedings are not an official record of the meeting, nor do they convey the official minutes of a meeting or the position of the City.
The City takes no responsibility for, and accepts no liability, in the event that live streaming of a meeting, a recording of a meeting, or the City’s website is unavailable.
Statements and/or Actions Made by Individuals
Statements made by individual persons at a meeting, and which may be contained in a live stream or recording of the meeting are those of the individuals making them, and not of the City. To be clear, unless set out in a resolution the City does not endorse or support such statements.
The City does not accept any liability for statements made or actions taken by individuals during a meeting that may be contrary to law, including discriminatory, defamatory or offensive comments. Such statements or actions are not protected by privilege and may be the subject of legal proceedings and potential liability, for which the City takes no responsibility.


Copyright remains with the City. Access to live streams and recordings of meetings are provided on the City’s website for personal and non-commercial use only.
Video, images and audio contained in a live stream or recording must not be altered, reproduced or republished without the permission of the Council.


The archived recordings of Meetings are available to view in the table below.

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Previous Meetings

Date Meeting Type
22 May 2024 Local Planning Panel
13 May 2024 Council Meeting
9 May 2024 Central Sydney Planning Committee
6 May 2024 Committee Meetings
1 May 2024 Local Planning Panel
10 April 2024 Local Planning Panel